Recapito Certo: about us


Thanks to technology, we monitor leaflet distribution

Undistributed leaflets: the solution to the problem

Recapito Certo is an independent firm which has been certifying the delivery of door-to-door advertising materials for over ten years.

The company was established in order to provide a concrete solution to the problem of undistributed advertising leaflets and flyers and conceived to solve the problem of business owners tired of waste in the marketing budgets of their companies.

How can you prevent thousands of printed leaflets from being thrown away and introduced into a “secondary” market of paper recycling?

By monitoring the last mile of the leaflet through DATAMATRIX technology and the associated platform.

Recapito Certo: how it works

Our working team is based in Borgo Valsugana and monitors distribution campaigns all over Italy. The leaflet delivery certification process takes place through an effective cross between the reading of unique DATAMATRIX codes and verification of the leaflet’s placement in the mailbox by means of a smartphone.


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