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Questions frequently asked about Recapito Certo services

Recapito Certo has been operating since 2011.

Protection of your investment and the budget you decide to dedicate to your printed promotional materials.

You will only pay for the certified copies and only according to the criteria for the level of performance achieved by the distributor.

Thanks to the UNIQUE Datamatrix code, which makes every single copy unique, in every different position detected.

Everything changes! With Recapito Certo you certify every single step in the leaflet distribution chain:
  • printing;
  • quantity and quality of distribution;
  • productivity according to population density;
  • compliance with agreed timeframes;
  • absorption of catchment areas;
  • depth of the promotional campaign as a function of concrete contacts.

No, Recapito Certo is not a distributor, but a third party that provides a technology and a platform for monitoring, guaranteeing and certifying the delivery of your advertising materials.

No, the devices are provided to the retailer by Recapito Certo under a single service fee.

Yes, Recapito Certo will provide the distributor specified by the retailer with the technology necessary to perform the service within the agreed timeframes.

No, the distributor will use the technology and check the work being done via the Recapito Certo platform, without bearing any cost.

It depends on the distributor’s capabilities; if it deploys the necessary resources, it will be able to stick to the usual timeframes.

Yes, absolutely! Any leaflets read in blind areas will nonetheless be recorded at a rate of 100%.

Yes, 7 days a week, both to the customer and to the distributor.

If distributors are focused on quality, Recapito Certo will become a means for demonstrating this and for qualifying their work.

Yes, the device is hooked onto a GoPro-type harness that leaves deliverers with two hands free and enables them to manage their activity without any impediment, also if they are making combined deliveries.

Recapito Certo makes distribution visible in both quantitative and qualitative terms. If the fee you are paying for distribution in the traditional way is not sufficient to perform the service correctly, the distributor will most likely ask for an adjustment of the fee.

Puoi verificare l’andamento della distribuzione accedendo alla piattaforma online di Recapito Certo attraverso le credenziali che ti vengono fornite.

In piattaforma è possibile verificare momento per momento l’andamento della campagna, sia in forma tabellare attraverso numerosi dati, che in forma grafica attraverso il programma Google Earth e Mappe Web Gis.

Recapito Certo consiglia un’importante ottimizzazione delle consegne nella cassetta “condominiale” fissando una soglia numerica con il cliente in modo da evitare qualsiasi spreco.

L’ottimizzazione è monitorabile grazie a un sistema automatico di invio di “alert” che segnala letture multiple a parità di posizione Gps oltre alla soglia stabilita.

Yes. Recapito Certo provides a letter of appointment which governs the activity of the distributor and protects the retailer against poorly performed distribution.

Yes. Recapito Certo provides a letter of appointment which governs the activity of the distributor and protects the retailer against poorly performed distribution.

Recapito Certo generates and sends the codes to the retailer’s printer of choice.

A size of 2.5cm x 2.5cm, corresponding to “1 inch” in printers’ jargon.

A white background is preferable in order to have maximum contrast, but it can also be a different colour, provided that it is light and uniform.

La certificazione ha lo scopo di aumentare la pedonalità all’interno del punto vendita accompagnando il volantino fino all’ultimo miglio.

Si parte da un dato certo di recapito su cui si possono fare analisi e valutazioni e si potranno intraprendere eventuali azioni correttive. Non si potrà mai conoscere la profondità di una campagna promozionale senza sapere quanti contatti ha generato la distribuzione.

No. There is no maximum limit; in the event of very low circulations, we make a case-by-case assessment.

Circulation, the number and location of the retail outlets to be served and the timeframe in which you wish the service to be performed.

No. According to company policy, estimates are drawn up on the basis of a series of parameters and are then delivered, presented and discussed with the customer. Estimates are all customised company by company.

The necessary technical time is one week at most. We only need to program the platform, send the file of Datamatrix codes to the printer and deliver the devices to the distributor.

Yes, Recapito Certo has no territorial limit either in Italy or abroad.

Yes, try it out to experience its extraordinary features “first-hand” and savour its benefits.

Recapito Certo has its own dedicated internal business unit: Flipper ADV.

Flipper ADV is a communication agency capable of providing both the leaflet graphic design and specific online and offline communication projects, including web marketing actions, such as sponsored campaigns on search engines, social media channels and specialised portals.


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