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Certification of an independent firm for the delivery of your leaflets


We certify and verify the distribution of your leaflets

Recapito Certo is the only company that certifies the delivery of your advertising materials. Thanks to an advanced technological system and a unique sequential code printed on each leaflet, it can verify the distribution service in real time as an independent, third-party firm and determine the quality of distribution. Thanks to the quality and quantity parameters, our customers can pay just for the service actually received.



The service offered by Recapito Certo certifies the delivery of your leaflets and reduces printing and distribution waste to a minimum.



The DATAMATRIX code to be read is unique and sequential and makes it possible to exactly verify the delivery position of the advertising materials.



Thanks to the Recapito Certo platform you can verify leaflet distribution in real time and better measure the return on your investment.


Leaflet delivery: how can you monitor it?

Certification of leaflet delivery is achieved through a sophisticated technological infrastructure and starts off with the reading of a unique sequential DATAMATRIX code. The code is present on every single leaflet and, once “scanned” by the operator using a device, it provides precise geographic coordinates which populate the platform and are viewable at the headquarters of Recapito Certo, as well as by both the customer and the distributor, dispelling any doubts.

The television programme Report aired a feature on the world of leafleting and the leaflet distribution.

Just another demonstration of what happens in the last mile to leaflets that are designed, printed and maybe distributed.

In Sardinia, hundreds of packs of discarded leaflets were found, obviously never delivered.


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