Recapito Certo: what do we do?

We certify the distribution and delivery of your leaflets

The leaflet distribution certification steps of Recapito Certo are:

Selection and analysis of catchment areas

We select the best distribution areas based on:

  • a study of local competition
  • the isochrones and relative population density
  • the income brackets of the distribution target within the catchment area
  • the businesses present
  • the composition of the population
  • other variables, according to the selected area

Training of personnel

The distributors selected by the customer can undergo training, on request, either on site or via video conference services.

Identification of best performing distribution agencies

Having measured the performances of agencies at a national level for many customers, we know the service levels of agencies in various territories. We never select the distribution agencies, which are always indicated by the customer, but we can know the type of service offered by various distributors across the Italian territory.

Supply of certification tools

We supply the appointed distribution agencies with all the tools they need to assure the certification service on a loan for use basis:

  • smartphone devices for reading the DATAMATRIX code
  • application installed in the device and charging accessories
  • “GoPro” belts

Recapito Certo platform and real-time monitoring

Once the target distribution area has been chosen, it is uploaded into the Recapito Certo platform. Our customer is enabled to access the platform in order to monitor how the distribution campaign is proceeding on a real-time basis.

The customer can check:

  • the percentage of progress
  • the distribution quality index
  • the distribution areas
  • the daily deliveries
  • the daily deliveries for every single terminal
  • the productivity of every terminal
  • the nonconforming deliveries through specific alerts

The distribution agency will likewise be able to check the same variables as the customer so as to offer a better and better delivery service.

The platform uses GIS maps, which allow the data extrapolated from our platform to be compared against any databases in the customer’s possession.


For every active campaign we provide:

  • a daily report on the progress of the current campaign
  • a summary report at the end of the campaign
  • a historical report for individual retail outlets
  • a final report with a quality inspection and identification of critical areas


We support distributors and retailers so that they can best exploit the potentialities of the Recapito Certo platform.


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