Why choose Recapito Certo services?

Because leaflets are still one of the most highly appreciated and effective promotion tools

Dissemination of leaflets a marketing tool

From a 2016 Focus survey it may be inferred that the leaflet is still an effective promotional means: 
  • 13 billion leaflets distributed every year in Italy
  • 1 billion euro spent per year by retailers for printing and distribution
  • + 4% advertising campaigns with leaflets
  • + 28.6 sales of products promoted with leaflets in supermarkets (+1.1% compared to the previous year)
  • + 33.9 sales of products promoted with leaflets in hypermarkets (+1.4% compared to the previous year)

The advantages of relying on Recapito Certo

  • Control over the quantity printed
  • Precise, exact verification of the distribution that has taken place, with productivity details
  • Immediate identification of any critical situations/areas not reached
  • Greater security and return on the promotional investment
  • The unique, sequential DATAMATRIX code increases the effectiveness of the campaign and allows real-time monitoring as to whether and where leaflet has actually been delivered.


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